24/7 Risk Monitoring

Trusted Wealth monitors the safety, soundness, and quality of financial advisors, banks, and credit unions.

Developed at Stanford University

Know First, Act Faster

When it comes to your money, every second counts.

  • Continuous employee risk screening

  • Reports of employee departures

  • Industry regulatory or compliance problems

  • Important client concern details

  • Website service disruptions and problems

  • Third party risk and compliance

  • Reports of targeted cyber threats or attacks

  • Reports of financial difficulties

  • Verified client satisfaction surveys

  • Reports of increased client departures

  • Criminal investigations launched

  • Reports of fines paid

  • Changes to key product features and fees

  • Reports of poor performance vs industry benchmarks

  • Confusion related to misinformation and disinformation

  • Proprietary risk metric changes


Our AI platform detects the earliest signals of emerging risks and problems.

Industry Leading Technology



Our 24/7 monitoring engine scans for risks and warning signs that are easy to overlook



We leverage insights from our expert network to stay at the forefront of industry threats



Our technology is fueled by powerful analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Mobile Alerts

Every second counts. We provide 24/7 text message and email alerts.

24/7 Risk Monitoring

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