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Real-Time AI for Compliance and Risk Detection

If there was a problem with your financial advisor or the firm they work for, you deserve to know immediately.

Know First. Act Faster.

In a world of search engines and social networks, investors are faced with a deluge of confusing information about compliance and risks that can impact their financial advisor. Our mission is to be your eyes and ears everywhere all the time.

At Trusted Wealth, we understand the critical importance of monitoring the safety and soundness of financial advisors and their support staff. We recognize that individuals and businesses rely on these professionals to safeguard their hard-earned assets and make prudent investment decisions. Our mission is to provide comprehensive risk monitoring solutions that ensure the highest level of accountability and transparency in the industry. By continuously evaluating the performance and conduct of financial services employees, we aim to protect the interests of clients and maintain the integrity of the financial services sector. With our robust monitoring tools and expertise, we strive to create a safer and more trustworthy environment for all stakeholders involved.

Trusted Wealth was developed at Stanford University. Our clients include individuals, accounting firms, endowments, pension plans and business owners.

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