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Trusted Wealth expert network Star rating as of July 30, 2021  -  Details

Most Trusted in Southern Ohio

Phone: 740-775-3331
Federal regulator:  NCUA
Geographic market served:  Southern Ohio
Year opened:  1932
Current members:  22,850
Total assets:  $536,856,637
CEO:  Shayne R. Poe (26+ years with Homeland CU)

Credit Union vs Banks
The key difference between banks and credit unions is that credit unions are not-for-profit organizations owned and controlled by their customers, known as "members". The primary goal of credit unions is to promote the financial welfare of and return profits to their members.  In contrast, banks are for-profit organizations owned and run by shareholders. The main motive of banks is to maximize profits for these shareholders.

Homeland Credit Union
Homeland Credit Union is a community chartered financial, cooperative owned and organized by its membership. Anyone living, working, attending school or worshiping in Ross, Pickaway, Fayette, Highland, Pike, Jackson, Vinton, Hocking, or Fairfield Counties are eligible to join. Relatives of existing members are also eligible to join.

Technology / Safety:  Every website gives off "signals" that they are using a particular technology. We track these signals and compare them to industry trends.  While not fully comprehensive in nature, this data does provide an indication of the quality of technology and safety features used by financial institutions.
Customer Service:  Reflects the average rating from extensive survey data (customers)
Convenience:  Reflects the average rating from extensive survey data (customers)
Website Usefulness:  Reflects the average rating from extensive survey data (customers)
Products & Services:  Score is based on a proprietary multi product composite that measures the selection and competitiveness of bank offerings
Financial Health:  Our extensive industry knowledge, combined with input from our expert network, allows us to expertly rate the financial health of banks

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