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Make better financial decisions 

Learn by following the decisions made by university finance professors, Wall Street pros, and others as they manage their own personal money.

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Which banks and credit unions do the experts use? Which do they avoid? Learn when they make changes and why.

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Which funds do the majority of experts all seem to own? Which investment products do they avoid? What scares them? Plus much more.

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Find the credit cards, and mortgage companies most trusted by some of the smartest minds in finance.

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Unique insights

Learn from our one of a kind surveys and research that cover timley events and topics.

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24/7 alerts

When the decisions or thinking of our team of experts change, we'll send you text and email alerts.

No bias, no hidden agendas,

just the real voices of finance and banking experts. 

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Juliane Begenau, PhD

Stanford Faculty


Jeffrey Jaffe PhD

Wharton Faculty


Duke Bristow, PhD

University of Southern California Faculty



The financial industry wasn't designed to be fair or easy to understand.

Our mission is to help people maximize their money. We are passionate about our work because we know how much is at stake for you. 

Unbiased experts with simple answers

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