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Reputation is your most valuable asset

We constantly run surveys and data collection projects with the smartest minds in finance.

Co-developed at Stanford University

Gain powerful unique insights
Generate alpha for your clients

Alpha Insights

$ 695 /month

  • Follow the thinking and decisions shared by an unrivaled expert panel consisting of 625+ and growing:
    • Portfolio managers, sector analysts, quantitative research experts, and traders
    • Finance, business, and economics professors from leading colleges and universities
    • Financial market regulatory experts and attorneys
    • Corporate leaders and decisions makers from a broad selection of industries.
  • Investment strategy
    • Stock ideas and selection​ 
      • Average large cap/ small cap allocation = 65/35
      • 2019 = +52%,  2020 = +77%,  YTD = +19%​
    • Favorite index funds and actively managed funds
    • Asset allocation decisions and updates
  • Favorite online articles flagged by our expert panel. There are hundreds of sources for online research and news. Our expert panel delivers the best of the best reading.​
  • Learn from timely surveys conducted on popular topics. (Economic risks, cryptocurrency, gold, real estate, etc.)
  • We love to ask fun and interesting questions. (where do the experts bank, worst money mistakes they've every made, types of fraud they keep an eye out for, views on electric vehicles, clever ways to cut monthly costs, etc.)
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