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You've worked hard for your money
 don't trust just anyone to manage it

How We Help

Search Services

We handle the hard part of finding the most skilled and trustworthy financial advisors and planners

Performance audit

Our industry experts provide an unbiased review of your historical investment returns 
Safety Monitoring
We monitor the safety and soundness of your financial advisor or planner 24/7
We respond to all inquiries within hours not days

Choosing a financial advisor or planner is as important as choosing a doctor or lawyer. A poor selection can result in high fees and damaging investment performance.

Our financial advisor research combines data driven methodologies with rigorous qualitative interviews. Our unique process was developed at Stanford University. The proprietary data we collect enables us to carefully select advisors that excel in a range or areas, including wealth management, investment strategies, asset allocation, and market dynamics.

We earn zero commissions or finder's fees from the financial advisors and planners we recommend. Our independent, unbiased approach ensures that investors connect with the very best advisors and planners.

There are over 300,000 financial advisors in the U.S., spread across multiple different industry channels, from wirehouses to independent broker-dealers to RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors). Each professional carries a wide array of credentials, certifications and operating histories. The same holds true for the firms they are part of. Our research process allows us to quickly make sense of it all and deliver an advisor who can confidently help you reach your long term financial goals.

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